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Originally Posted by peterman View Post
I wonder,, I know a spot,,if we could just,,I'll ask about it. OMB prolly knows more than I do,,hell, Roy knew more than I does, or did do,or ever will.
What's that park with the 40 foot long slab tables between the valley and the coast?
OMB? out of Monroe to the northwest?
ain't that one rentable?
WetFest 2013,,somewhere we don't all need discovery passes to attend, and a place with a huge table or display shelves so that riceless950 (if he shows up) will can has a place to display all his years of first place trophies in all sorts of 'hardcore' events.That would need to be a big space, for turn around and such, cuz he'll need a huge truck to haul 'em ,,even a small portion of the mounds of them he has gathered.
Or we could use Oregon again,,and keep some reality involved.
Where is Pat? Where is Raindog?
Where is the point in any of this?
Off road WetFest,,Wolf Rock, no water, no stores, no cafes, no bullshit, just a whole mountainside of free space above the biggest frikken rock in the State!
that won't work for wimmen with new babies,still breast feeding ,never mind.
Where the fuck is WetFest?

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