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Good day all,
So i have been having an issue with my Montana 600 not showing street, highway or interstate names or only showing a few at a time.... Ive went through all the settings, reset , changed detail, ect ect.... per all the suggestions of everyone here. I got off the phone with Garmin this morning and we did a master reset and i re installed CN2013 woohoo it worked... (for 15 feet). Ablout 45 min later i took my newly installed 600 and tried it out in the car on a trip into town... Crap back to no info.... so while i contemplated on selling this POS I stopped for a quick bite to eat and i thought lets try it not in the rugged mount. Took it out of car mount and turned it on....... perfect all the names appear as they should. I see street names highway names and interstate names, great at least now i know where i am.... I popped it into the rugged mount and BAM!!! names disappeared..... Came home did same experiment on my motorcycle rugged mount same thing.... works great in my hand, put it into the rugged mount and i loose all map info. I called back Garmin explained to them the issue and they said he'd research this issue and get back to me... SOOOO right when i was all fed up with this GSP i discovered its not that bad now to only figure out how to make it work in the mount. Just thought id share my woes.....
While you are waiting for Garmin to get back to you, try going to Setup->Profiles->Options->Set Mount Profiles. Make sure you have the unit out of the mount and then set all of the Mounts to whatever you have set for "Not Mounted".

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