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Originally Posted by DHawthorne View Post
Hey exoff-roadgoat,
Yes, all secondary roads pretty much following the Thornapple. I used to live in Hastings, worked in Middleville and went to GR for dinner and shopping often.
I have never been one to ride in a group either but think it might be fun to meet up with some fellow PC’s to talk shop and check out each others bikes.
I am contemplating trimming my windshield down. To do or not to do this has been like a splinter in my mind since I got this bike. I currently look through at least 4-6” and I cannot help but wonder how that affected our ride yesterday. We seen several other bikes out riding and it didn’t look like they were struggling with the wind near as much as we were.

What is the seat height on your DR650? I am vertically challenged and like my seats in the 31” and under size.
The DR650/ DRZ400 is on my short list to consider. The KLR is way too tall for me. I tried a BMW f650gs and it fit well but the price is more than I wanted to go. I would love a Tiger 800XC but It looks too tall and of course still way too much.

Maybe we can hook up for lunch next year in Hastings at that fancy brew pub downtown? The name escapes me at the moment? The ride from Hastings to Irving Dam to Middleville is one of my favorites. Good grub in Middleville also. Lotsa good riding between Hastings and Gun Lake too. Good hard pack gravel roads too, ok for the PC even with Dunlops. My DR with the lower gel seat fits me perfect and I'm a 30" inseamer. I was going to lower it but like the stock height. I've taken the DR on a couple of overnighters up to Traverse City taking just back roads and two tracks. Its perfect for that. My DR is way faster and way more fun to ride than the PC, but I have the PC mainly for everyday transportation, getting groceries and touring. I have enough storage with my Givi trunk I can be gone a month without wearing dirty undies for more than a day.....or so. The Pacific Coast is the only bike I've ever had with a fairing so I don't know any better when I'm getting blasted by head winds and side winds. I have the short Clearview windshield and just look over the top when sitting upright. The wind just catches the top of my helmet..When it rains or the bugs get bad I can slouch a little to get out of the slop. Riding the DR at high speeds get tiring after a while without a windshield so I stay off the interstate unless I'm in a big hurry to get somewhere. The DR turns less RPMs at 70mph than the PC and is supprisingly smooth, but the wind is a killer.
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