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If one were to pro-actively rebuild the Transmission, and wanted to make sure its as bulletproof as possible, would you use aftermarket parts or not?
I realize our friends at Procycle [and maybe others?] have a super high-quality 3rd gear kit, but I'm wondering if the collective really KNOW FOR SURE what causes the 3rd gear to detonate the trans??? Its just really hard for me to fathom that Suzi would manufacture all the parts for the trans, and keep on manufacturing just one defective component... it does not pass sniff test.

So if rebuilding with Race-proven Baja-capable parts is the ticket - is there any science on how many of them blowup for one reason or other? how many units have been tested, in-service, for long periods of time as have the Suzuki parts? its a rhetorical question....

you who have done the job, what did you use?

I'm in the process of having mine rebuilt right now. I was having some issues with it falling out of 2nd gear so I decided to just bite the bullet.

From the reading I did prior to getting the work done, it seems in 06 or 07 suzuki released a new 3rd gear that replaced the old one. I'm assuming it was done in an effort to address the issues with the gear blowing up. I decided to go a head and replace my gear with the newest one instead of buying the billet unit. Hopefully I don't regret it, but I couldn't justify replacing a $50 dollar part with one that costs $500 when the stock one may or may not blow up at some point.

Obviously, If I trash the engine in the bike due to a 3rd gear failure I'll be kicking myself.

I may consider doing the nice 3rd gear when I put the 790 kit in the bike as a little bit of extra insurance
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