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Originally Posted by Tepi View Post
This has gotta be the saddest post in ADV. Who is someone else saying what you can or cant do? Its not like I'd be asking permission to buy a bike or a gun and I sure as hell arent going to get rid of either, also I wouldnt expect my partner to be asking permission from me to go get her hair done or whatever. I need my time, I ride because, when I ride I am with my thoughts, I can think things over in my mind. Sure call it a hobby, maybe thats the only thing it is for you. I call it meditation and a nice way to ride to work. Women paint their nails, go shopping, gym, whatever with their girlfriends to release their stress, why cant men be allowed to get rid of stress their own way.

Is it better to be in a relationship where your partner is happy that you're abiding to her needs/thoughts/preferences, whilst you yourself are miserable? It takes two to tango, which your partner isnt doing if they only give demands on what you can or cant do.

I really dont understand the hopping on your bike to pretend problems dont exist, can you elaborate?
I'm not saying that motorcycling or anything else should be given up just to appease your spouse, and I agree with someone else how said that if one partner is controlling the other, that's a serious issue. What I am saying is that all this macho talk about not being told what to do by anyone is BS. It's a completely flawed attitude toward life, it's me vs the world. It just seems like a lot of guys around here place motorcycling at the top of their priorities list which is sad to me because is that really all you have to live for? Is that the only legacy you want to have? I don't really think that's all anyone wants, which is why I think that when guys claim that motorcycling is their highest goal it must be masking some deeper issues. Hope that wasn't too confusing...
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