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Originally Posted by RxZ View Post
I just started reading this thread on this page, so I have no idea which player this is directed at. I do know however that the A's have about a 12-15 year track record of specifically NOT keeping players once their "market value" becomes too high. It is a brilliant plan in all honesty.

And yes, the Yankees have often been on the receiving end of this strategy, mostly because they have historically had the most money to spend. I did hear on ESPN Radio this morning that they are looking to cut payroll, starting with A-Rod if they can find someone to take his contract (which is still worth over 100 Million for a 36 year old player)..
Cespedas was the player I had mentioned.

And the only ways anyone would take A-Rod is if the Yankees pay a good chunk of his salary through the life of this contract OR if the other team has some close to equal (Multiple players?) dead weight to trade to the Yankees.

It's a HUGE sports night in the SF area with the Giant's and the 9ers both playing tonight.

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