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Originally Posted by d.burbach View Post
I'm not saying that motorcycling or anything else should be given up just to appease your spouse, and I agree with someone else how said that if one partner is controlling the other, that's a serious issue. What I am saying is that all this macho talk about not being told what to do by anyone is BS. It's a completely flawed attitude toward life, it's me vs the world. It just seems like a lot of guys around here place motorcycling at the top of their priorities list which is sad to me because is that really all you have to live for? Is that the only legacy you want to have? I don't really think that's all anyone wants, which is why I think that when guys claim that motorcycling is their highest goal it must be masking some deeper issues. Hope that wasn't too confusing...
I agree that some of the macho posturing is obviously a pathetic attempt to compensate for insecurities, but riding can be as much a part of who you are as any other passion. For some it is their career, for others it may be art, music, faith, or many other things.

How can anyone demand that someone give up part of themselves, and still be respected?
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