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16th-27th of March

I pitch my tent back on the French side just next to Queribus, an amazing place you'll see a few pics later.

For the first hours of this night I don't sleep at all. Queribus is in the Pays de Cathare, you remember, don't you?

Roughly 800 years ago the Cathares were a Christian community referring to the basic ideas of Christianity. Their movement became stronger over the years and they became dangerous the official church and especially the Pope. He, Pope Innocent III, then decided to fight the heretical Cathares and the only crusade against a Christian community and in Europe began.

The Cathares had built or reinforced fortresses nearly impregnable. One of this fortresses is Queribus, another one Peyrepetuse. This is where I've spent some time in the night.

Due to the long exposure time the stars appear as stripes.

In the morning I hiked to a little hill near my tent to see Queribus. In the background is Mt. Canigou (nearly 2800m). Queribus was really impregnable. Several month the Popes troops couldn't take Queribus. They famished it.

The town of Prades in front of Mt. Canigou. Doesn't seem to become too sunny today ...

Not far from Queribus is a little abbey, nestled in the hills near Narbonne. It was right here, where the troops leading Papal legate Arnaud Amaury was raised.

Before attacking Beziers a soldier asked Amaury how to distinguish between Cathar enimies and Christians. He allegedly replied: "Kill them all. For the Lord knows them that are His."

Beziers was sacked and the massacre was the biggest in the Middle Ages.

Nice place today, the Abbey.

Ok, today there was not much riding. And no riding pics. Instead I got to know Nada. She was having bike lessons and stayed in the same place as I did. With her instructor ... Honi soit qui mal y pense

I'm riding back along the coastline, this time east of Marseilles. (Still waiting for the white HP2 ...) On a hill above the sea two boys are showing interest in my camera gear. They play around with it and one of them askes me how he can a picture.

Well, not that easy for smokers

Now this is Cassis. Cassis is the origin of the Route des Crêtes. Absolutely fantastic riding and scenery.

There we go ....

I've spent a lot of time on that road (back and forth, you know) and ...

... I've found a brilliant place for a nice picture. Unfortunately there's a small parking space and a n italian mobile home is parked there. Right in the way where I'd like to take the picture. I keep on telling me "they'll move, they'll move". But they don't

The sun has set, the f'n mobile home is still there. All over sudden, somebody opens the door. Obvisously the driver. He has a glass of red wine in his hands: "This is for you. And you must be hungry. Wouldn't you like to come in and join us for dinner?"

What shall I say? It was a great evening inside the mobile home.
I'll take the bloody picture tomorrow

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