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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
Different spouses will react differently to different approaches. My wife is fairly logical and just wants every assurance that I'm doing everything I can to be safe and that we have good insurance so that if the worst happens we are whole financially. That being said, after a recent shunt with minor injuries, I'm having to see if I can reduce the risk further and reassure her. If I can't, then I'll give the hobby up. She's much more important to me than bikes.

I don't think very many people realize how risky motorcycling is. Over a 50-yr career, if you run a 2% risk of a serious accident every year (which is a very low number and requires a huge commitment to gear, training, concentration, and being very careful), your chances of completing your career without one or more serious accidents is only one in three. Spouses need to be on board with this risk, not kept in the dark.

Financially, the solution is easier - for every dollar I spend on bikes she gets to spend the same amount on something that gives her indivdual satisfaction - she likes furniture. If $28K can't be swung, then you need to buy a $7K bike.

- Mark
Wow thanks Mark!
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