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[QUOTE=Outwardbound;19786371]Oh yeah..and another thing..

When I bought my 13 I looked at several 11's. I decided on the 13 because I was "done" with carb'ed bikes. I never thought I really needed some of the bells and whistles standard on the 13. But....
I found that the electrically adjustable windshield is the greatest thing since canned beer. Really. Who'dathunkit ? It's now an item I'll never be without, and I'm an anti-farkle kinda guy. It's that good.

SO......I gotta recommend that you do whatever it takes to find a 13 over an 11. It really IS a generation ahead. Absolutely no regrets spending the extra dosh for the 13, and as bike-buyers go I'm as cheap as they come.

Just food for thought.

I have ridden both extensively, and in the end chose my 02 ST1100. I found it to be more touring oriented than the 1300, not that anything was wrong with the 1300. I just "fit" on the 1100 better and it''s a more heavy, robust bike- like a tank- which I like. I think that the ST1100 is one of the most reliable motorcycles that Honda has ever built. I have never heard of any bike that has been taken care of experiencing any major problem. The main issues are to change the timing belt at about 90K, and to make sure the splines on the rear wheel are well lubed with each tire change. That's it-------just preventive maintenance issues. I have no problem with the heat on the bike, and I live in La., but that's just my opinion.

If the ST1100 (or ST1300 for that matter) has been maintained the bike should easily do 200K or more with just routine maintenance. The fluid lines, and the rubber carb parts will need to be replaced as the bike gets older but that's with any older bike. I have owned my ST1100 for 8 yrs, and only once did I want to change bikes, and that was for a Goldwing, but I decided the GW was just way too big and heavy for town use. I just recently finished a trip to Co., Ut, NM, and Tx. and never had a problem with the bike, even at high altitudes. I have also ridden all over the Smoky mountain states and again never had any issue with the bike

The latest model ST1100 (2002) can be had for about $3500-4000. For that price you get an absolutely unbustable sport touring bike that will last you as long as you want to ride it.

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