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Hey Diesel,
Been an occasional lurker here for awhile, but after reading your account of your wreck, which I just saw today, I felt I had to register just so I could post up some ongoing words of encouragement.
I hope youre continuing along the road to recovery and things stay positive regarding your leg; reading your posts, I see that you have a positive attitude, which is an absolute must.
Keep looking forward and push yourself as hard as you can doing PT, it pays off in the long run.
(fwiw, I planted my beloved FLH into the side of a red light running left hand turning SUV at 50 mph in April 11, so I have a clue as to what you you have been thru. I broke my right leg, right hand, fractured a vertabrae and my right shoulder and had a few other gouges and dings. Got to go on a copter ride to Hermann also and was laid out from work for 6 months. Not back riding yet, but thats more to do with finances than anything else.)
Keep pushing yourself and get back on the job soon.
God bless.
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