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Originally Posted by MasterMarine View Post

I love gas station ice cream! I have had meals of only ice cream when stopping at remote gas stations. You should try to work Fields Station into one of your trips for an awesome world famous shake! I had 2 of them on our last trip to NV.

I know what you mean about writing those reports. It does take some time. All that writing and editing and finding the right pictures to put in. Plus video editing. (I don't bother with that ) I wonder how you find the time.

Well keep at it! You are doing a great job!!!

Thank you for opening my eyes to BC. I need to get up there for some fun.
Haha, the end of the UTBDR put me off of shakes for a while, but some day...
Glad you're enjoying the report.
Oh, there's plenty of time if you ignore every other aspect of your life, including sleeping and working...
Yes, go enjoy BC - it's awesome!

Originally Posted by sion View Post
"Top Jimmy" and "corksoaker" (and in a picture no less) in the same post..I feel so honored and proud

keep it coming rule!
I was hoping you'd enjoy that!
Originally Posted by dmaxmike View Post
this made me LOL, really wish there was video of this!
sorry, I didn't even get a single photo!
But, the pee was actually the worst. Cows have HUGE bladders!!!

Originally Posted by tagentry View Post
Jimmy Lewis shared this link on facebook today. Matt made the highlight reel.
Thanks, tagentry!
Matt was explaining that to me - he had to drop a ball in that pipe and then catch it at the other end...

He caught it! Wooo!

Those gorilla arms really pay off sometimes...

Thanks, hobbes - glad you're still enjoying the report!

Speaking of which....

Day 43: 8/3/12
Osoyoos, BC to Lake Chelan, WA 254 miles

This ended up being a great camping spot.
It was so quiet and peaceful.
We woke up pretty early and started getting ready to go.
Then, we remembered that the stupid customs building doesn’t open until 9am.

Yeah, crappy photo, but I just wanted you guys to remember where we were...

Matt noticed that his cheap sunglasses were in pieces.
Not broken, but the crappy hardware had come undone.
See the tiny little nut and screw?

They had rattled out and were floating around in the tank bag.
He took everything out and found the screw and the 2 tiny spacers, but no nut.
Everything from the tank bag was scattered on the bike -
piled up on the seat and resting on the sidebags.

I picked up a bunch of stuff and started looking at it.
Matt said, “forget it, this is hopeless...”
But I found it!

The nut was stuck to the underside of a plastic wrapper.
Woo hoo!

Matt superglued his glasses back together.
And, since mine were of the same lousy construction, he superglued my glasses as well.

And that’s how you kill time, waiting for the customs office to open.

While we were hunched over the bike, this cow wandered up and startled us.
She was so quiet! Stealth cow.
(if you want a link, I think it’s been long enough to re-watch this one. No? )

OK. Let’s try this again...

I don't know where they draw the line for "no photos." let's say it's after this point...

The bike had been making a funny noise (kind of a “whomp whomp”)
and when we pulled up,
the customs guy said, “ooooh.”

Then he proceeded to give us all kinds of grief about being on a KTM.
Just going on and on about it.

Then he said,
“If you want to see a REAL bike, you should see my bike...”

You’re a mucking Harley guy, aren’t you?
Of course we didn’t say that.
He’s a customs agent.
So, we just smiled and nodded.
Whatever you say, sir.

He asked us take off our helmets and he checked our passports.
There was another agent, circling around behind us.
It must be hard to be on guard all the time.
The Real Biker guy gave Matt a pop quiz -
“When is Kelly’s birthday?”
Which I thought was interesting.

Guess he was trying to see if Matt was trafficking an illegal or something...
But, matt passed the test.
Good thing!

We asked where we could find a hardware store
(“oh, need some replacement parts for your KTM, huh?”)
Haha, good one Officer...
and he gave us directions.

After we passed the tests and he found out we were going to do the WABDR,
Mr. Real Bike warmed up a little bit.
He said he rides around that area a lot.
And told us about a campground that had a cool old water pump.
As we left, he said - “If you want to see a REAL bike, take a look outside...”

OK. One Real bike, coming up...

I thought I caught a whiff of Adventure in there...

And we’re moving...

We went to the Ace Hardware in Oroville to look for some stuff.
The tent bag strap and our bungee cord had gotten trashed during the last bit of log fun.

We parked next to these guys.
There were about 5 more huge dogs in the back!

All better.

Next, we went to the grocery store and got some more food.

I guess a lot of Canadians cross the border for cheaper goods in Washington.
Especially booze.
After seeing the BC prices, I don’t blame them!

All right, you guys - I guess this is as good a starting point as any...
here we go...
We’re starting the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route!

I know some of you have been waiting a long time for this!
Forever, really.
Just don't be disappointed!

I mean, don’t forget - Radek’s not following us with his helmet cam...
There aren’t going to be giants carrying the bike across mountaintops...
I couldn’t even find a place to leave my stupid safety cone!

OK. I feel better now. You’ve been warned.

If it makes you feel any better, I’ll go back to giving you some blurry maps.
Courtesy of the BDR guys and Butler maps.
Today, we’ll be doing sections 6 and 5
(we’re doing the route backwards, from North to South).

WABDR Section 6 smartphone code-thingy video, here.

and general WABDR dvd trailer, here.

If there’s an official start/finish sign, we didn’t see one.
I’ll just use this one, it’s been in some ride reports already.

According to the time stamp, I took that photo at 12:06pm.
We got a nice late start.

This one is blurry, so it’s small.

Another WABDR landmark...
I’m so glad this turned out (we didn’t stop)!

I think that’s a diver?
He reminds me of Bender... Bite my shiny metal ass!

We were cruising. On autopilot.
These roads were so easy and fast - no frickin’ logs!
I reminded Matt that I wanted to leave a safety cone at the geocache.
(you know, the one I’m always yammering on about)
We had watched the WABDR dvd back at Questor's house,
but all they said was to look online for the waypoint.

Since I hadn’t been able to find any waypoint info *cough*
all I knew was that we were trying to find the viewpoint above Cold Springs Campground.

So, keep your eyes peeled for Cold Springs Campground...

Next thing we know, we’re passing a sign.
What did that say?

Mother brother!

Matt really hates to backtrack, but I was hellbent on leaving a cone on the WABDR.
We turned around and went back.
For a while.
The sign didn’t have any mileages on it, so we had no idea how far it was.

We passed some college students with a giant radio antenna.
They knew where the campground was and told us how to get there.
Whatcha guys looking for?
"Bunnies with tracking collars."

Off to the campground.

Here’s the Cold Spring campground.

You would think it would have a nice cold spring.

It didn’t.
Well, there was a trickle out of the ground, but nothing we could drink from.
Lots of tall trees, though.

We went up to the viewpoint and tried to check any obvious spots for this stupid geocache.

No luck.
Well, that was a huge waste of time.

Last night, looking at the WABDR website map for the first time,
I saw this:

Of course, we didn’t have that map.
We didn’t have any Washington map, actually.
Not even a AAA one.

So anyway.
WABDR... No cone for you!

At least there wasn't much traffic on the roads.
We had some angry riding (on the parts that we were doing for the 3rd time)...

Another sign.
(that’s our dust...)

Oh, I’ll bet this is the campground the customs guy was talking about.

Yep! Neat old pump.
Great water, too.

This might be S. Fork Toats Coulee Road
(I’m guessing, after watching the video)

Pretty 2 track.

Maybe Skull and Crossbones road?
I guess we blew past the cabin.

Some rocks.

I guess somewhere around here we hit the highest elevation of the WABDR.
(6700 ft)

Cow butts.

Thank goodness for signs, huh?

Down at the bottom there was some kind of “Caution” sign.
After those crazy avalanche roads and washed out bridges in BC,
this warning was cute!

OK. That's good enough. I'll deal with the rest later.

Next stop - Conconully.
I think.

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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