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WOW!!! Any word on his condition??

Now the how? Not trying monday morning quarterback this guy, but as the sign on the tree of shame sez, learn from his pain.

My theory

1. Hamming for the camera, he's not looking where he is going and how fast he is getting there, totally not set up for the curve.

1a. Sez/thinks, Oh SHIT!!! Target Fixation at 1000% strength!

2. Starts to take the curve and may have leaned so much he drags a peg and looses traction? Maybe? Looking at the Vette!

3 Manages to save it from that peg drag skid, but in doing so has to straighten up and go straight. Looking at the Vette!

4. Now its just a matter of how fast he can brake and scrub speed and maybe at the last second steer and avoid the Vette. Plus how well is the Vette driver paying attention and what will he do? Looking at the Vette.

5. Looks like the brakes are not on until he is well over halfway across the lane and if he is obeying the 30 mph speed limit (right!) on the Dragon. Give the Vette driver credit for going off road, The only shoulder there is the lead in to the pull off where Killboy is standing. Sometimes there are other vehicles there beside Kboy and his pop up. Looking at the Vette.

Flying over the Vette.

Other observations?

I really want this to be a learning crash not a pile.

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