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I get this question more than you think, "live" in fact just this past week Dad has a new 16 year old "recruit" that we'll be working with, so that make like rider 40 something, we've taken under our wing (pun intended).

Some depends maybe on your background and muscle dexterity, I had to work on dribbling basketball left handed, jon my left handed friend did it easily either hand, at least it seemed to me... However, dad figures he practiced when I wasn't around though, lol... but he was a natural athlete at many things.

But yeah, for instance: Dad started "riding in general) in the 60's and by early 70's dirt riding, then cycle club for Thornton area in colorado (racing MX and what not), I think he said again this past weekend that left turns seemed easier for him. If you watch motocross, lefts are easier because you drag your left foot, right foot on brake. This last year they had a supercross where the start turn, it was NOT a left, seems like it about wiped out half the field as well... Anyway for dad, left might still be, but he had a bad left shoulder (broken collar bone and dislocation of that bone at his shoulder) injury now so not sure which side is worst now. But for me, growing up, most of our "practice" sections while I grew up over compensated by being right turns.

Believe it or not Right turns might be easier for me, maybe slightly. but I feel pretty damn proficient at either, except where I need to wheelie turn on a off camber right turn. I'm short legged, stepping down anything scares me a little. But, you see, I lived for 40 years now of riding trials, in a kind of "boot camp" attitude where naturally if I'd set up anything like a "drill" or for your thoughts, as a practice section; I would then ride it maybe even 30 times any day I ride, unless it was just too easy. I have a killer section at the river off behind our farm, that I have been riding for 7 or 8 years, can only clean it about 3 times in a day (when emphasising on hops and many skills at least) and it is long. if it was a trials, not that hard to just do what you need to to clean it, but with practicing hops, and all that while doing this, I don't clean it very often yet, but getting closer. used to ride 4 nights a week in summer plus weekends, ride that section at least 3 of those days. plus other skill sections dad has designed...

Plus with my dad, when I started, and having to gain confidence, it was exactly what Ryan young says, "ride it until you clean it 3 times in a row! then ride it backwards! Same thing, 3 times in a row clean, then add something, make the turn tighter or something" I like to be able to cross any log, brick, anything from potentially any of the millions of possible angles and positions...

But 1st things first, get some confidence, get it to where getting over a particular log or what not, is just fun and natural. I was kind of timid really young, so I had to make myself overcome fears like everyone else, but in reality, I was young enough that I wanted to be able to go where dad and the big kids could go, so I think dad was able to push me harder than we can just any one else you know...

Keep this one in your thoughts when you get your bike out to ride...

I have said over and over, when I start my bike (not as much now, but for several years) I was made aware (being the son you know) that you don't give the bike any throttle until it warms up, other than what it takes to not "let it die" (& the back story to this, which will be another essay, but more about older bikes and how they might die then spend 20 minutes trying to get it started again). Anyhow, so I drilled figure 8's while the bike warmed up, ANYTIME, but I loved to do this, I dunno why, it is probably comparable to football, and I hated drills for that but for some reason, I still to this day, love it on a trials bike, go figure huh?.

I add to this, just trying to balance at stop as long as I can. Dad and I have pretty special bond too, I always wanted to be as good as he was in my eyes, and he loves drills that improve yourself, from pingpong to cycles.

We'd work on the bikes in the dead freezing of winter, in a single car garage, and when done take turns riding that bike, in the single car garage, mostly figure 8's, or you know not much you can do in an 8x10 garage stall.

BTW, I was also told that at Trials Training Center for the kids summer camps (i think it was) they were told to wait in line balancing, on bike not just lying around so to speak.
With all this drilling and practice, did you ever get a chance to just ride? LOL..just kidding. I agree with your dad....practicing drills is key to this art. I only picked up trails riding last month at almost I spend any time I get on the trials bike doing drills instead of just going out for a ride.
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