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About da fees

I been following you and hey,!! I wanta go to Belize too!! And I am in Chetumal , Mexico. So, I got up this morning, found the Kawasaki dealer, such as it was, paid $190 ($14.25us ) for a fram oil filter, smiled at the counter help, got some lunch and headed for the gate. I was not in the best humor. I had been thinking about my deposit and wondering how that would work out. I was asked for $300 ($22.50us) for an exit tax. I declined their offer without quotable offence and went back to town. The rest of the day did go really well. But I gotta know: Is that right? And there was a guy being way to friendly. He said ' Don't be scared' , which I hear as a warning. Anyway. What should I expect? If you could help out I would be very grateful. It helps me a lot, to kinda know what to expect. I do have 4 more months on may Mexican Visa etc, so this is not a real crisis. ratbikemike
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