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Yeah, 'Zuki kinda jumped the gun with posting EFI specs for the LS650 a few weeks back, only to revert to standard carbs once somebody at Suzuki noticed the faux pas ... the erroneous EFI news actually generated a bit of "buzz" on the internet for awhile! LOL!!

The concept of a larger displacement cousin to the TU250X utilizing the LS650 power plant is not that farfetched ... look at what RYCA Motors in L.A. is doing with the Savage/S40 ... they've transformed the "Sportster-esque" Cruiser into a Retro-styled work of art and arguably a much better "motorcyclists" motorcycle. Seeing as the TU250X has been well recieved, maybe Suzuki should be taking some notice of what RYCA is doing ... I'd bet that a TU650X would go over very well!

I started my Riding career 10 years ago with Cruisers (Rebel, two LS650's and a VS800 in the years since) but have come to appreciate the better comfort and handling of Bikes that are more Standard ergonomically ... would be hard pressed to go back to a Cruiser now ... recently rode an early 80's Suzuki parallel twin 400 and an '88 Honda NT650 Hawk (droooooooool!) and wish that the Big 4 Japanese manufacturer's would bring back the mid-displacement Standard!
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