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Originally Posted by HalfPlate View Post
Everybody's gotta be a comedian...... Those paddle tires do look pretty wild, and seeing as I have never really ridden in sand maybe I should find some.

A few noob questions for everyone's entertainment:
When can we sign up, and should I wait until after 1/13 to buy the rally membership and license or do it now??

Best local hotel / motel?

Lastly, the G sensor the rules say you need for riding after dark. Does this event require one and if so where do you get them?

THe G sensor is not required! Regs should say you only really need a pair of flashing bicycle LEd lights.

A few local hotels... lots of us stay at the Jameson, but there are a few others.

I havent checked the website, so I dont know when entries open... should be soon, though! I would wait until after the new year to get the membership and licensening and stuff.

Tires have to be DOT.. at least they have to look that way from a few feet Paddle tires might not make that cut :wink
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