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Originally Posted by toro618 View Post
With all this drilling and practice, did you ever get a chance to just ride? LOL..just kidding. I agree with your dad....practicing drills is key to this art. I only picked up trails riding last month at almost I spend any time I get on the trials bike doing drills instead of just going out for a ride.
Fondly, maybe to you I overdid the "boot camp" part of the story... Maybe, but compared to what others do about RIDING TRIALS without a bit of motivation, I'll stick by it.

Drills, Like I tried to convey a little, aren't that hard to work into a routine and do them when you might just be "waiting" like while my bike warms up, I could just sit there and wait, or make the piston swell up and just take off for a ride.

There are so many things to work on, I had 40 years to work on them, and I am NOT some kind of Geoff Aaron/Pat Smage either, maybe if I had kept with it from Highschool, but I have always been under-tall (short & chubby).

I watch the DVD from RYP, you ought to see if you can get it. I think it is called "Next" or Up Next!, it is a promotion video for Smage... But you can tell that Smage did little else than practice, and develop his riding skills, his whole life (video is from his High School days I believe) in his free time.

look at all the different settings that they have setup for practicing, that are in the video, Sure on Jackass the movie they might set something up for one time, one take. But most even motivated normal people, won't build all that just for "try this once, then leave and head to somewhere to hang out with your buddies or watch tv..." Plus, I know you don't just click record; ride once; then do the next thing; on and on... no way Jose... probably practiced some of that stuff for several hours a day for a while, some for a few days at least, then probably 15 takes minimum to get it on filf like you want it... plus he played with things (Unicycle and bicycle for example) that the skills used and practiced, added to his MotoTrials skills.

If I give it 10% of the effort he has, well, that makes a pretty good amature-Sr Expert rider.

I know the main thing is to have fun,
but to me it is more fun when you kick "trials' ass" instead of trials kicking your ass.

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