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Originally Posted by d.burbach View Post
I'm not saying that motorcycling or anything else should be given up just to appease your spouse, and I agree with someone else how said that if one partner is controlling the other, that's a serious issue. What I am saying is that all this macho talk about not being told what to do by anyone is BS. It's a completely flawed attitude toward life, it's me vs the world. It just seems like a lot of guys around here place motorcycling at the top of their priorities list which is sad to me because is that really all you have to live for? Is that the only legacy you want to have? I don't really think that's all anyone wants, which is why I think that when guys claim that motorcycling is their highest goal it must be masking some deeper issues. Hope that wasn't too confusing...

I personally couldnt care less what "legacy" I leave behind. I dont like kids and dont want kids, neither does the wife. So no one will ever carry on my name. I dont care if anyone ever remembers my name when I am gone, it does nothing for me, I will be dead. "you" only live once, might as well have fun with the one life you get. It cant be done over again with someone who wont hold you back next time.

It seems that people get married really quick these days and really dont know who they are marrying. They meet and fall in love and the sex is great so they get married after three months and then to their surprise they find out a lot of things they didnt know about each other. I dont know why people cant take some time to get to know each other, why be in such a hurry.
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