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Originally Posted by Wirespokes View Post
It appears the gauges illumination comes on with the parking lights. It's not something I notice since I don't use the PARK position for anything. And I think it's silly to run gauge illumination during daytime running, but hey, that's where government regulation takes us.

Your headlight relay isn't stock, though it may have the same configuration - only cross checking will tell.

The headlight and parking light (in the headlight) are wired separately.

The funny thing is that it's possible to have the ignition come on in the PARK position with just a change of one or two wires - I believe to the ignition switch. Some PO went to a bit of trouble to come up with this solution.
I did something similar to my /5 back when-- I swapped a couple of wires on the old-timey switch board for a headlight only(no gauge or running lights) for daytime operation, and full headlight+gauge+running lights at night. No day-to-day wear and tear on the "other lamps" during daytime-headlight-on operation, and saved a few precious watts from the stock alternacator.

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