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Originally Posted by LuciferMutt View Post
Regarding the cruiser guy smashing into the Vette...

What do you think the cruiser guy's insurance company is going to do when they see those pictures? Deny the claim? Drop his ass? Has anyone ever thought about how riding on a road heavily populated by photographers is just leaving tons of evidence about your shitty/dangerous/ignorant riding when applicable?

That particular series of photos is so detailed and thorough I think it would be impossible for anyone to argue that the wreck was anyone's fault other than the guy on the cruiser...

Makes a guy wonder.

Sounds like he got pretty fucked up too. A lot of his facial injuries could have been prevented with a full face helmet, but that wouldn't have helped the spine injuries.

+1 on being pissed off if I were the driver of the Corvette. I guess we can be thankful that he didn't head on into another motorcycle.
As a supplement to the other evidence at the scene, those photos are incriminating. No extreme negligence though (unless you want to count ooogling at the camera), it looks like he set up for a bad turn, panicked, froze and kablooey. He's paid the price though-- I don't think he got up and brushed himself off. The insurance will pay the claim cause that is what it is for, but the rider may become insurance-toxic.

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