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Originally Posted by Kernel View Post
I just got to thinking.
Everyone refers to the DR650 as the ultimate 'zombie apocalypse' bike.
Sorry, but I tend to disagree.
The bike is not fuel efficient enough.
Ok ok, the DR650 is quite a fuel efficient bike, especially considering how much forward-lurching torque blast-outta-da-cornerz fun it has, it really is.
But for a zombie apocalypse/post nuclear disaster bike? Sorry, no.
The bikes that will truly shine when shit really hits the motherfucken fan will be bikes such as the TW200, the CT110, the DR250, the XT200.
Bikes which use fuck all of nothing petrol and will get you anywhere and everywhere, and will keep thumping along happily all day. Because lets face it, petrol is going to be damn near unobtainable, and when you can get it, it will be very expensive (think $5 a litre) and people who sell it will be few and far between.


A multi-fuel motor equipped DR650, a la the HAYES-DT M1030-M2, capable of achieving near 100 MPG. Now THAT would be unstoppable.
Think of the logic behind it. A powerful, high-revving, torque rich, mechanical direct injected, indestructible engine capable of achieving astonishing astonishing fuel mileage mated with the most versatile best go-anywhere any-time bike known to man.

When the zombie apocalypse/post nuclear disaster inevitably hits, there's going to plenty of people scraping a living together making fuel this engine is capable of happily running on. It is going to be the most widely available and cheapest fuel in existence. After all, you can make kerosene/diesel out of used motor oil (providing you run it through an oil cleaner first) very cheap and biodiesel out of vegetable crops, and lets not forget the vast quantities of unused jet fuel that will be looming around in stores. All of which the M1030-M2's engine is capable of running on quite happily.

One of these days either Hayes-DT is going to release their magnificent single cylinder diesel motorcycle engine into the public sector, or someone is going to design and manufacture an equivalent nearly as good (perhaps better?) engine and make it available for sale to the public. I plan on being one of the first to have it adapted it to the DR650 when this happens, so that I will have the edge when petroleum becomes unobtainium.
No gas powered machine of any type will be viable in a post apocalyptic scenario. These on the other hand:

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