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Iv had a scrambler for a few weeks now and i couldent disagree with those reviews more .i think.its brilliant! Ofcorse its a matter of opinion but i love it! Not the most powerfull bike but then i didnt buy it for power its comfortable for over 120 miles before i get bum ache, good on petrol last time i checked it was about 50mpg. My only fault is the lack of a standard locking petrol cap, otherwise i love it!
Great that you love yours too! Triumph do offer a locking petrol cap as an accessory.

Re That post from 2006 that you quoted (I reduced it to a reference in the quoting above)... I looked for reviews prior to ordering mine in 2008 and found some of those ones - particularly remember the Telegraph newspaper's one. BUT...

Then I found this thread, read danger_dave's report that began it and the adventurin' that others had achieved with their Scramblers, went 'Yippee, that's what I wanted to see!' (or something like that) and went for it. For road use with offroad exploration whenever I can - I've not regretted that decision in the slightest.

My conclusion was that the journalists that wrote the reviews were unimaginative wuss twats. (nothing new there then!)

This thread and other ride reports here on ADVRider prove those reviews so wrong.

Heck, while I'm at it - It's long overdue but, if I haven't said it already...
Thank you, danger_dave, for starting this thread with your excellent Auckland ride post. And thank you to all who followed up on the thread. Y'all played a big part in my deciding to buy what's turned out to be my favourite motorcycle so far. It surely is a 'keeper'.
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