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I'm a pretty young rider, 24, but that doesn't mean I don't understand the concept (I may lack some experience).

I ride year round, and I have to agree with rivercreep. I take full responsibility for my safety. If you ride in an area where there are deer, and you are aware that they can be dangerous, and possibly unpredictable... and you do nothing to limit your risks (such as slow down, or be ready to squeeze the brakes), then you are playing Russian roulette of the road.

Yes, there will be deer that catch you off guard, or some instances where it is physically impossible to come to a stop before hitting the deer. absolutely. And some of us may decide that going the speed limit is worth the risk vs. slowing down. Sometimes that's the case and we do get into a situation where we are over our heads... But remember, YOU made the decision to go faster than you can react.

I don't always ride the appropriate speed, but I at least think about it. and if something happens, well then it is MY fault for making a decision with regards to speed, lane choice, timing, etc.
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