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Originally Posted by royal View Post
This has nothing to do with Harley Davidsons and everything to do with the riders. As you said, it happened to you with a couple of Goldwings. So, should we now rant on Honda ?

Hey, the guy rides a Ulysses - a Buell Ulysses - an orphan! He has the right to rant on anything he wants since even the maker of his bike dumped it (talking HD, not Erik). Besides, it IS the ADVrider forum, isn't it?

I agree with one post, it's the rider/driver. We had people in WV pull over on the back roads to let us by. One waitress said so many there run ATVs on those back roads they know what it's like to be stuck behind some slow mover, so they are courteous when they are the slow mover. I keep that in mind. Besides, it's not my job to try to "police" those who want to pass me and go faster. It is their choice and they pay the penalties if caught - as I have done before, myself. A couple speeding tickets and one passing on double yellow, none really in any sort of risky situation, but still a violation. Pass me and do 160, I don't care, I'm not your babysitter.
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