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Originally Posted by Bronco638 View Post
Do you have a newer Vapor that has an additional temperature probe? My Vapor's temp probe sits under one of the spark plugs to get (approx.) cylinder head temps. That said, warm oil = happy engine. You may experiment with blocking off 1/3 or 1/2 of the cooler to see what effect you get. When I was racing (cars) we tried to get the oil temp to be close to the water temp. Obviously, that's not a consideration here. I'd shoot for a temp somewhere around 200-220 F.

My commute to work is short, too (8 miles, 20 minutes). I see cylinder head temps near 250 F in similar ambient temps. I wonder what my oil's temp is? Of course, you could go with a thinner oil, too. That wouldn't help with operating temps but it would provide some peace of mind knowing that the oil is circulating on those cold starts.
I'm not sure what your talking about, so i assume I have to older vapor. It came with 1 probe for the spark plug, which I bored out a little and use for the top oil bolt. I usually get around 180*F on the highway in the summer, with around town highs in the 220*F range.
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