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It could be really simple -

Originally Posted by grumpyman View Post
my 950 has an engine vibe problem that is worse than any other 950 i have ridden
could it be the cam chain or the counterbalancer ???
freeway roll ons under power and it just wants to shake itself apart
just light revving in neutral and it feels rougher than other 950's
2006 w/ 36000 miles and minimal maintenance from the p/o
This is worth a try - it's free, takes 5 minutes - And, it worked for me.
Otherwise, just ignore me.

Measure drive chain for run-out/stretching. See handbook - 18 chain pins should not exceed 10.79"
It will need to be measured as it can 'appear just fine'.

My chain looked good, my CS sprocket was showing the smallest amount of wear (hooking teeth). Rear sprocket looked fine - This is at 22k miles.

My good looking chain had stretched to it's limit but, by appearance, it looked just fine.

I had a vibration and a chatter at 3500 rpm in top gear when starting to apply throttle at this speed (55-60 mph indicated). This is an RPM that is close to lugging the engine - when it's in 6th gear. In lower gears, the 'lugging' was not apparent. I could have sworn the noise was up between my legs - sounding like top-end/cam chain type noise. It was behind me - the drive chain. I replaced the chain/sprockets as a set - problem(noise) solved.

Note: go with the OEM KTM counter-shaft sprocket. Sprocket steel hardness must match counter-shaft hardness - trust me - I've seen horror pictures. . . BTW - KTM offers a 'chain/sprocket kit' - about $200. It has a rivet style masterlink - which I feel better about than a clip style masterlink.

Reading the above posts - the scenario potential problems appear pretty damn grim. I went through the same thing. As my heart (wallet) was sinking, another inmate suggested the above. Was I happy with not only a $200 fix - but a new chain and sprocket set installed to boot.

If this works - send me a PM. Good Luck -

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