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So with my luggage strapped back on the GPS is telling me to turn in 10k on to I-84. I pull into an exit and try to figure out why, because I have asked the GPS to avoid Interstates. Garmin may not know it but I-84 is definitely an Interstate and a very busy one at that. Then I set the destination again. The GPS which has had me traveling North on the Taconic Parkway decides, screw that, we should be traveling South on the Taconic Parkway. Yikes! Having no other plan, I follow. Then as I go about a mile the GPS says, I changed my mind lets go North and try the I-84 thing again. Having no other plan I follow. I get out on the I-84 and riding the KLR in torrential rain and high winds with almost 90,000lbs speedboats otherwise known as Tractor Trailers or Big Trucks is not my idea of fun. What a nightmare. Then I struggle to read a large electronic sign over the highway as I approach the bridge over the Hudson, through the fog in my shield I read " REDUCE SPEED UNSAFE CONDITIONS AHEAD" WTF! It's going to get worse? Some cars slow, some don't, the Big Trucks swerve around the moving chicanes and seem to speed up. Chaos!

I took the next exit. I pulled into a Valero Gas Station in Fishkill, NY (at this point I believe the "killed fish" may have drowned) Valero wants their parking lot to look nice so they have coated it with driveway sealer. The effen parking lot is so slippery it's like a black, skating rink. Yikes! Why I didn't crash I don't know.

So I'm in the Valero parking lot, chewin' on my heart, which has been in my mouth since I hit the I-84 trying to convince the GPS that the I-84 is in fact an Interstate and in the interest of the environment and fuel economy it occurs to me to shut the KLR off.

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