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Won't Start

So after trying time and again to convince the GPS I don't want to go back on the I-84 it becomes academic because the KLR won't start. It has never let me down before, but it won't start. It will almost start but it won't. I have a good battery, thankfully, lights, it turns over no problem, farts and backfires and tries and tries to start but won't start. I try again and again encouraged by how close it get to starting then one time it starts revs to about 7 grand and then quits. Yikes! I try some more, so close....... but it won't start.

I now look at the kick stand lockout, which from time to time especially when it's been wet forces me to put the bike in Neutral to start it. It's dry as a bone and doesn't seem to be the answer. All the while It's raining so hard It feels like a fire hose is on me.

Out of options I try my CAA or AAA to those of you in the USA. I pull the card out of my wallet and call the number. I call the number after I find my glasses because the number on the card is so small you nearly need a magnifying glass to read it. AAA answers, from Washington State, guess that's because my newly re-activated cell phone (thanks god I re-activated it). Is a pay as you go with a Bellingham Washington number, that I bought while I was living in Vancouver, BC. At least the guy on the other end knows what rain is. He connects me with AAA NY, They put me on hold because they don`t do motorcycles. I say my Canadian contract says they do. She checks, I`m right. She has no resources. They don`t have a list of bike shops to call. She tries her best to help. She googles Kawasaki for me....NOTHING in the NY area. She Googles `Motorsports`` for me, at my suggestion, she finds 5 shops.....4 will not answer their phones and one EMS motorsports flat refuses to help. `They don`t do Kawasaki`s. Here is my bike sitting in the rain, on Valero`s shiny parking lot.

I am on hold for an hour and a half while all this goes on. I call a buddy at home to see if he has any ideas or can find a resource for me. In all the time I played around with AAA the engine must have dried out and reluctantly started. I let it warm up. It works fine. I go back out on I-84. I have had enough. The rain which was suppsed to start to let up continues to pour. It`s still steady hours later. I have had enough. My friends place in Hagerstown will have to wait for another day. I ask the GPS for a motel. It says there is one .5 kms away but tell me to take the I-84 and the first turn will be in 27 kms. Yikes

I type in Quality Inn because you can`t type in Motel-6 or Super-8 on a keyboard that does not have numerical capability. It finds one at the next exit off the I-84. I zip out there, swim with the big trucks again for a couple miles, take the exit and then a few surface streets and find the place. I`m not certain but I`ll bet I could hit the Valero with a rock from here. I get the last room at the Inn. It seems a lot of people, even those in cars, did not want to drive in this. This are my digs for the night. It's all good! Better safe than sorry.

I'm safe and sound and have a lot of time to work on my ride report. Quality Inn let me park under their awning, tomorrow the forecast is for sun and it's another day. Of course the forecast was for four days of sun when I left home three days ago.

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