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Thanks for all your advice. Talked to the insurance, told them what happened and they're sending a tow truck. It was a hassle. I don't have cell service, we got disconnected about 5 times. I called them like 25 times from a paid phone. Altogether it took around 3 hours.. Anyway, they have me covered as it looks. This is good! The only downside: The tow truck might not come here until Monday and I wanted to be in LA for a Big Bang Theory filming on Tuesday. Guess that's not going to happen now. I'm just curious if it's totaled or not. But it looks like I have enough time here in Lone Pine to make plans for both scenarios and figure out how to finish my trip. I don't want to leave without doing Hwy 1 between LA and SF..This is my biggest concern right now..

EDIT: Oh, and that whole lying thing was just desperation speaking, not something I would have been comfortable with..

EDIT 2: Man, I'm getting old: In case the bike is totaled, do they consider the value of all the farkles? Or, if not, can I take that stuff of? I have aftermarket exhaust, windshield and seat. The stock versions of these items are lying around in SF. So if I can somehow the logistic issue, I could just put everything back to stock condition and sell those parts.

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