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I-84 Diner

In summation of today.

AAA came through in the end. After I got to the hotel a tow truck driver called and said he had located a Kawasaki Shop 30 miles away in Mayberg, maybe, not sure of the name of the town. I told him I had said to the AAA dispatcher the bike was "almost" starting and if I got it going I was going to hang up the phone and get out of there. I told him that's exactly what happened and he was good with that. He called just as I was trying to call AAA and tell them what happened. So they would have helped me, it just took a few hours.

Tonight I walked across the motel parking to the I-84 Diner. It's a classic Diner on a large scale with excellent food. I had an open faced meatloaf sandwich and a couple Bud Lights and I'm cured

This meatloaf sandwich, had real baked veggies, onions, celery and wonderful carrots and a baked potato with lots of whipped butter and sour cream, and I never thought to take my camera. the restaurant was so NY. Friendly people working there with personality a pastry case to die for and it said all pastries made on premises.

I wish I had brought my camera, never thought of it, would have been good "food porn'

Now I'm going to watch the news, get some rest, and put this day, day 3, behind me.

I just tried the bike, started, no problem But now I wonder what happened when it was wet?

Have to have a shop replace plug wire, coil, maybe, I'm not sure. As long as it starts to morrow and I can get out of expensive NY I'll be happy
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