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iPhone 4s issues

Hey Adam,

I have a set of the original model SMH10's purchased from you and used with an android phone. I remember that there were some iPhone users having trouble with the SHM10's. I haven't kept up with the SMH10 thread over in Equipment, so I thought I'd ask here.

1. Are the newer models of the SMH10 any better at receiving bluetooth stereo tunes from an iPhone4s while also paired with a BMW Nav 4?
2. Is Siri usable with an iPhone while paired with a BMW Nav 4?
3. Is voice dialing usable with an iPhone4s while paired with a BMW Nav 4?
4. Is Motion X GPS usable while listening to tunes from an iPhone?
5. I saw a new sleeker low profile design SMH unit has debuted. When will it be available? What improvements have been made with the new design verses the older design?
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