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Well, I own a WR250R. It's in good shape. Was put down once and prettied back up. The left barkbuster is tweaked and the clutch lever is too. They're both very slight bends. It must have skinned the decal, because a new one was put on, but it has a wrinkle. Nothing worse than I'll do the first time I put it down.
It was lowered, I raised it back up as soon as I got it home. First impressions after a 15 mile spin. It's quicker than the Klr. It wheelies pretty easy in first. Not sure I like the low seat. I'll likely gear it down a little, its stock now. I didn't need sixth on the first ride. I'll put some more miles on before I decide. Its been de-emmissioned, not sure I care. No fuel programmer, stock exhaust. It feels like a go cart compared to the klr, really nimble and tossable. I can pick it up by myself, I mean clear off the ground.
Mike, why does yours have black fork protectors and over the headlight? Did you swap them?
Also, mine has aftermarket aluminum bars (maybe bent when put down), they're going to need to be higher. Are you guys using riser spacers or even higher bars?
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