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HMMM, Beer and riding does not usually mix. I have had many a late saturday night at a two day event. Some swear I ride better hung over. Reality is it takes less energy to clean a section. People used to say I rode fast! (Beer is getting hot!) Last year I rode an event while drinking, say 3 beers a loop. ( I had an anger issue to prove a point) I was the only one to clean a particular hard section.
I have seen the first loop at a national with blood shot eyes and could not carry enough water to see! It was a nebraska event that was just soo much fun that I almost saw the sun rise sunday morning. The first loop was so bad I was crawling to walk the sections. I was only one of three riders (sportsman line) to have a clean loop.( I then drove all night home to ride a local event on labor day and finished!)
Then more like Sting has mentioned have seen some bad crashes after 1 or less drinks. One time a beer for lunch, and fived a rock I had ridden 50 times clean. The time I put a kickstarter thru my leg, everyone blamed the beer. Sure I did have an open can, but not one drop ever touched my lips! Sober and injured is even worse!
So everyone have a good time, but save that beer for the bench racing!
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