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Originally Posted by Yossarian™ View Post
I'm sure it's not over, but that does not mean that you are 100% right and that the vendor is 100% wrong.

If you did not check Sargent's measurements or actually see one of their low seats before you bought off the internet, then how is the vendor to blame that the product you bought is not what you thought it would be? They shipped the exact item you ordered; it was returned in not-new condition, and you want them to eat the costs? It'd sure be nice if we could all test-fit items to our bikes without any consequence if we decided we didn't like it, but that's not the real world.

I appreciate the PSSS manager's responses on this thread. They were factual and not emotional. In my opinion, the vendor has acted responsibly and reasonably in this matter.

Sometimes, we don't get what we want. Lord knows it's happened to me, and I know I'm not the only one.

I agree with Yossarian (that would make a great T-Shirt BTW) and would take it a step further. US consumer law (I believe the Moss-Magnuson Act of 1975) says that once the product ships from the vendor, you own it. As Yo said, the vendor shipped you exactly what you ordered. That seat belongs to you. You decide you don't want it, you sell it to someone else (Craigslist, advrider, etc.). End of story.

But you decided to sell it back to the people you bought it from and expect to get 100% back on it. What are they supposed to do with it? Sell it as a new seat? That won't fly, the guy/gal who buys it is going to say "whoa, that's not a new seat, WTFUWT?" If you weren't willing to sell your seat yourself and you weren't happy with the vendor's offer, why didn't you get your seat back and sell it to someone else? It'

This kinda crap is exactly what is killing retailing in the US and killing American capitalism. Buyers take no responsibility for their purchasing decisions and expect the retailer to absorb the buyer's caprice. Keep buying mail order and the local vendors are out of business. Keep insisting on lowest price above all else and everyone goes out of business except for the likes of Amazon, who have so f***ing much money that they can absorb hits on returns.

And aiding it all are internet forums like Advrider, where anyone can say anything about anyone without any fear of recourse or any sense of personal responsibility. We can destroy any business in a day through the libel that we're free to post here. The site host has no legal responsibility for the content. Any vendor that doesn't do exactly what we want when we want it is scum, a rip off artist, the lowest of the low. Even if they were a hero yesterday.

The high entertainment value of this thread is the image of the OP with "this ain't over", adjusting his coon skin cap, ramming another ball into the musket, and taking potshots at the Hatfields and McCoys from the front porch. The rest of us are left to enjoy the distopian future of no local motorcycle stores, no small businesses, no skilled individuals making high quality products for our motors, eagerly awaiting our made-in-China tat arriving from Amazon.

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