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here's mine:

Out on a Saturday afternoon doing a shake-down cruise after a protracted bit of repair and customizing, I decide it is time to head back to the house and hop on the freeway to speed the process. As soon as I get up to speed, the engine loses power. I pull off the road, slowing, trying a few different things to troubleshoot the problem before I come to a complete stop. The sun is brutal, and the only shade is from a light pole that happened to be there. Tank has fuel, bike won't restart. I'm 20 miles from home, there is an exit about a quarter of a mile away, uphill. Screw that; I don't need to give myself heat-stroke. I call my wife to bring the truck and ramp and stand leaning against the light pole so my head at least has some shade. There is plenty of traffic, none of it stopping. About 20 minutes into the wait, a guy pulls up behind me, gets out of his car and asks if I need any help. I thank him for stopping and tell him I've got someone coming, and they should be here before long. He says something like "Well, I've got to do something nice for you... " reaches into his car and hands me a liter-size bottle of cold water. I thank him for the water, he gets back in his car and drives off.

Not earth-shaking, I know, but he was the only one who stopped. My wife arrived about 20 minutes after he left, just as I was finishing off the water.
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