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Hey sion! nice word picture.

Hi Bronco, glad you're caught up!

Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Customs guy had a Goldwing?

Heh. That wasn't a very good pic. I can't quite make it out...You tell me.

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If that video doesn't make you want to ride, your heart isn't beating. Also makes me want to drink the kool-aid
Hurry! They stopped making the 990!

Day 43: 8/3/12
Osoyoos, BC to Lake Chelan, WA 254 miles

As I mentioned, we didn’t have any paper maps of Washington.
Just the WABDR tracks we got here.

Matt plugged those into Norm and we just did whatever that plastic box told us to do.
So, most of the time I had no idea where we were.
If you see any glaring mistakes, feel free to correct me...

Oh, I think I linked to the wrong page of the website in the last post.
There’s a little more info if you start on the home page.

Watching the Section 5 video, I see that we did Ruby Grade this day...

I took a photo of these guys in their Klim gear -
I'm pretty sure this was Conconully, but only thru the process of elimination.
We didn't stop.
The gas truck was filling the tanks when we got there, so we just kept riding.

This must be on Ruby Grade.
Sorry, guys - that’s it. Didn’t take a photo of the sign or anything.
Just another road.

Maybe these rocks are part of it?

These ruts, too?


I do remember this silt.
The dust is from making matt stop so I could take a picture.
I didn’t wait for it to settle.

The bike was still making an awful “whomp whomp whomp” noise.
Matt stopped to oil the chain (he was always trying to keep that sucker oiled)
It didn't really help.

The MT21 isn’t great.
After looking at the photos of our D908 at Radeks, Matt and I agreed we should have kept that 908.
It probably would have held up better than this thing did.

Rally front looks ok.

It was a warm day. I think it was 99° or 100° at Lake Chelan.
This is at Carlton, around 5:30pm.

Oh, good - a sign. Now you can see where we were.

While we were riding along, some crazy bird went running across the road.
WTH? Was that a chicken?
Matt stopped so I could look.
It was this guy.
“I’m sorry, I thought you was corn!”

Another sign.

Is this Gold Creek Road?

Pretty views.

So, this must be Copper Ridge Rd.

Look at this little guy!
We’ve been seeing lots of cute rock sculptures lately.

Matt has such good eyes - he noticed a chipmunk on top...

See him eating up there? Nom nom nom.

This photo was a little blurry,
but it reminded me of a painting.
so I made it worse and bumped the saturation.

Nah, it's still just blurry.

There are lots of fancy homes as you approach Lake Chelan.

It was freaking HOT in town.
I tried to get a shot of that bear sculpture...

It was a friday evening and it seemed like everyone was drunk and sunburned.
We stopped at a gas station and got some grape powerade.
(the cashier is the one who told me it was 99° or 100°)
Matt wanted to look into that “whomp whomp” noise...

He noticed the counter sprocket was a little loose.
Plus, it was missing a tooth!
Matt tightened the counter sprocket and oiled the chain again.
Need to keep an eye on that...

Every campground around was stuffed full and crazy loud.
We didn’t even bother stopping.
When we went past this place,
Matt said, “nice resort...”

haha, thanks.

Our plan was to get up in elevation and find a spot to free camp.
Some place cooler and less...festive.

Pretty view of the lake.

We ended up finding a great spot!
There was a campground nearby, but it was full.
Just outside of the CG, we found a barely traveled road.
This spot seemed to be an old turnout or something.
There was a fire ring, but no number, so I don’t think it was an official spot.

I took these pics the next morning -
there’s our tent, and to the left, the unused road...

Standing on the main road, looking at the unused road.
I think the marker says “211”
Our camp is just out of sight down there...

It was perfect.
(pic of Norm shows the GPS waypoint)
There was even a vault toilet within walking distance (in the campground parking lot)

Dinner was a real hodgepodge.
Kidney bean curry, a can of chicken, a thing of stuffing...

Mixed with sauteed bell pepper and onion.

It was delicious.

I forgot I wanted to use this Mameshiba for the cows last night.
Dang it!
But, chili beans are just like kidney beans, right?
Close enough.
It’s friday! You have to have some Mameshiba.
I need to have some Mameshiba...

And look - Norm has been hitting the pipe extra hard...

550 miles per hour???

Oh, Norm.

I think you need to get back to the ship!

You guys really need to watch that one. It’s my new favorite.
(if you click on the link you only have to watch half. If I embed, I'm afraid I'll lose you before the best parts )
OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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