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Oh The Places You'll Go... on Heidenau K60 Scouts

today was a shop day with my very good friend damon. we tackled a few projects, most notably changing out from the stock Triumph road tires to a more agressive on/off Heidenau K60 Scout front and rear.

on my canada trip, i ran into tom and randy from arizona on a 2012 tiger explorer and 2011 tiger 800xc, respectively. also there was angus, a scotsman by way of texas, on a 2003 bmw 1150 gs sport. they were all running the k60's on the dempster highway in the yukon and northern territories, and were all very big fans. i'd already been planning on this tire for south america, but their rave reviews sealed the deal.

tom, randy, and anges said the scouts wear and ride amazingly well on pavement - unlike the Continental TKC 80's, which are undoubtedly a better off-road tire but chew off rubber like there's no tomorrow on the road. but if you air the scouts down to 25 psi or so, the aggressive treading on the side spread out a bit and really grip well off-road. the dempster highway is a serious off-road proving ground.

the scouts are very stout and there is a LOT of meat on the tread. they are very heavy-duty tires. the sidewalls were pretty challenging to get over the rim, but i did it (with a bunch of bead sllime) and i did it with my field tools. so now i'm ok with nails, thorns, chicken beaks, stale tortilla chips, bullet holes, or whatever else comes my way down south. i know i can change them out on my own.

this tire change also gave me a chance to test out the TireIron BeadBrakR kit from BestRest Products, LLC. verdict: it's freaking awesome. invaluable tool. works great. packs light. super easy to assemble and use. the 3 included tire irons assemble into the mechanism, and it comes with everything you need to pull and replace a tire and tube. add a patch kit, and a compact pump, and you are set. david at BestRest is great and he's got a bunch of other really brilliant and specialized ADV products.

a special thanks to my buddy damon for putting the "shop" in "shop day." damon and i met on one of the v-strom forums about a year ago and have since become good friends - even though i become a "limey" and bought a triumph. i lucked out big time, because he's got a full-blown motorcycle dream-shop in his garage. you will never want for a tool in that garage. there's always a pot of bad coffee on, and always beers for the victory dance at the end of the day. damon's been passing along his motorcycle knowledge to me for the last year, and i wouldn't be able to set off into the unknown as confidently as i am without all the invaluable help he's given me since we met. damon - you're good peeps.

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