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Originally Posted by The Letter J View Post
Okay, I've got a complaint...

I have been through a metric shit ton of tires on my bikes and usually once I find a set that works for a particular bike, that is all I will ever buy for it again. Here lies the problem: I've run all sorts of non-dot tires on the 690 and the michelin HP4 front was the only one I ever truly liked (yes Bobzilla I ran an m12 already and it chunked like none other). I've run quite a few DOT fronts including: mt21, d606, k760, motoz h/t, motoz s/t, motoz x-circuit and probably more that I can't remember... ALL of the DOT tires sucked!

Being that my current motoz s/t (my least favorite tire in any on or offroad situation) is ready for the dumpster, it is time to experiment some more. I've been really curious about the pirelli 486 and have found no reviews/ input whatsoever, anyone here ever run one?

I ride the 690 like a dirtbike and don't care too much about mileage (as long as it last at least as long as a non-dot knobby on the rear does) and very little about onroad handling. The vast majority of the terrain that I ride is very hard packed with sharp/loose rocks on top and coarse desert sand. The only front tires other than the 486 that are currently on my radar are the dunlop 908 and the michelin desert and I've never run any of these.

So what says the 690 brotherhood? Stick with the non-dot HP4 or try the p486/ d908/ or m desert?

P.S. somebody buy my uprated (9.0) rear spring in the flea market so I can afford a new tire!
I ran the MotoZ HT's front and rear in MX and they worked well.
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