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Went into NYC to visit a friend the second or third night I was here. I really expected to have a lot of fun bombing around the city on the Panigale, even though it was raining. And the streets were looking fairly traffic-free when I got in.

Unfortunately once I found the way to where I was going, traffic was awful. And it started pouring. Hate to bring up the topic again, but in SF (or Rome even) there's a hell of a lot of cars, but there's FLOW. NY is like Boston--you go block to block if you're lucky. Most often you're just sitting behind parked cars (from 3-7pm).

I'd called around to parking garages in advance. Showed up at one that accepted bikes only to discover the "NO MOTORCYCLES" sign. I went into the office to see if I couldn't park in one unused corner or another....only to find out that yes, they do have motorcycle parking--by the month. They wouldn't let me park in a car spot and they wouldn't let me just pay for a night in one of the monthly motorcycle spots. probably took me 20 minutes just to get to the damn garage and then another 10 minutes arguing back and forth.

After several more calls I found a garage a mile away that verified they had hourly moto parking. Another 20 minutes later I was finally in a $50 per night space. (Yeah.)

Clearly having a motorcycle in NYC sucks. There are places to park outside, but after seeing some dude in an S Class Mercedes literally bash his way into a spot too small for him (along with all the bike theft warnings I received), $50 was cheaper than whatever deductible I'd have to pay in the morning to come out and find my bike gone or on its side.

Friend Julia lives right near the new World Trade Center:

After a pour of white whiskey, we took the subway (which, compared to BART in the Bay Area was spotless and clean) to DO Hwa.

DO Hwa is Quentin Tarantino's Korean restaurant in the West Village. I was expecting it to be more fusion than Korean, but it was fairly legit. No mangoflower infused Bulgoki filet, no kimchee made with fried acorn squash spears. And since we were basically on a Tarantino set, we went for the carnage of meat experience (this was the first half).

Can't eat grilled beef without sharing a bottle of dericiuus soju:
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