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Don't know if an aluminum camper will do it. I have seen what a dermined bear can do.

The USFS/NPS brought in a 'trouble' bear from Yosemite to Northern California. Let it loose in the Trinity alps.

A couple nights later he ripped the rear end off of an aluminum camper... the full size ones.
Frankly it l ooked like a bomb had been put in side and detonated. Then he broke into a VW bus,
tore the windows out, then exited via the door (note: he didn't bother to unlock it.)
Same thing, looked like a hand grenade was in there.

The next night he ripped open a tent with people in it... they had moved the food inside
where they thought it would be.... 'safe'. The campers (fortunately) ran out of the tent as
the bear was tearing it's way in through the walls.

Interesting thing, I slept right through all the commotion. Was going backpacking,
looked at the damage... and decided to go in anyway. Started out by following the bear tracks up the trail.

A few minutes later, a helicopter showes up with a guy in the door.... and a few minutes later... bang.

Crazy thing how confident I was in my 20's.
"I don't really know, I've been too busy falling down."
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