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Interestingly I ordered an Airhawk from this vendor and it came in printed box that cast some doubt as to whether the neoprene version I paid up for was inside or the lower quality version; confusion caused by the manufacturer not the retailer but interesting all the same and I digress. Having lost a small fortune running an Internet retailer - we sold high-end children's clothing - I can certainly see both sides of the argument here. It's a pain in the ass to go on the Internet, order stuff, have it shipped to you, unpack it, fit it, find out it isn't as expected, contact the seller, re-pack it, goto the shipping place and send it back. As for the seller his margin is being driven down by manufacturers who sell direct as well as potentially dozens of other guys who are seeking to under-cut his price. He has to have some policy otherwise he is out of business; trust me, I know. I will not make any judgments here except to say it all comes down to expectations. There was once a time you could go into a fully stocked store, get some good advice, examine the item, try it on, etc and, for the privilege pay m.s.r.p. some people know what fits, don't need advice, refuse to pay full-price and now we have what we have now which - at least in my experience - are brick and mortar stores with no stock and hit or miss on service. Personally I find I can't win; oftentimes, even when I am willing to pay full boat, I go into a full-price store, get sh-tty service and they still still have to order it for me. I know everyone is going to throw grenades at me for this but it's a monster of our own creation as American consumes. We want it all. We want it cheap. Who can blame us. As much as we may want it the sad truth is you can't have it all. That bring said. Advice to the vendor - as this will cost him thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars - is suck it up. The customer is always right. $60 - or whatever it is - is a rounding error in the annuity value of a loyal customers future purchases. Good will is paid back spades ask ll bean, ect.
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