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First off, make damn sure you marry the right woman. After 32 years of marriage I can honestly say neither of us have ever laid down an ultimatum. However...

I am fascinated by men who would choose a machine over the mother of his children. That sounds like a whiny teenager to me...someone who wants their way regardless of the consequences. I cannot imagine acting in such a fashion. My priorities do not include machines.

Every "real man" I have every known...those who attempt to dictate how life goes....all seem to be divorced, single, basically alone. Me I want to be in my wife's bed every night!!! Therefore I take special precautions to keep her happy.

I cannot imagine marrying someone who would try to tell me how to live my life or what kind of activities I should be involved in. I feel sorry for those who have made such a poor choice. But, you did make a vow. Men don't break vows!
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