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Originally Posted by vander View Post
I see Terry's bike is using Mitas E09 tires.

How did they worked? Mileage compared to yours?

I use the Mitas myself and they do the job, but I'm not sure those would be the ones I'd choose for a muddy trip like this could be expected to be.
Yes Terry used the E09 Dakars - with the yellow stripe. They seemed to have incredible mileage. There was not too much mud, so I think he made a very good choice.

I was using Michelin Deserts and designed the route around the mileage I get from those. I had scheduled tyre changes at the start of the off-road at the Poland - Ukraine border, then another at Astana in Kazakhstan and a final one in Irkutsk in Siberia. Each of the three tyre legs was approx 6000 km. I think Terry could have done with one less tyre change, using two sets for 9000 km each ... thats how durable they were.

He got a little less grip than me on the Deserts, but not enough less to make a noteable difference in the speeds we were riding. For the little money they cost, they are an impressive tyre for this kind of work.
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