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Originally Posted by alii1959 View Post

I am fascinated by men who would choose a machine over the mother of his children. That sounds like a whiny teenager to me...someone who wants their way regardless of the consequences. I cannot imagine acting in such a fashion. My priorities do not include machines. .

I cannot imagine marrying someone who would try to tell me how to live my life or what kind of activities I should be involved in. I feel sorry for those who have made such a poor choice. But, you did make a vow. Men don't break vows!
The first part of your post seems to describe a person that would set such a repugnant ultimatum, not the person that refuses to submit to it. In an instance like this it would be the ultimatum maker that is guilty of vow breakage. It is their choice to either persue or end the relationship. I would happily let them go if they want to be so controlling and petty.
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