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Better for average-sized folks

There's a thread here somewhere on the V7 Classic. I own a Classic and I've test ridden a 2013 Stone with the new engine. The new engine is great, noticeably more torquey and quick than the older. The new V7s are fantastic bikes for "everyday people" type riding. If there's any justice in the world, the new V7 should break all Moto Guzzi sales records.

It's a truism with Guzzi's that if you focus solely on performance and compare what you're getting for your dollar, they are outclassed by dozens of other bikes. People buy Guzzi's for the aesthetics, for the visceral pleasure that the engines bring, and/or to be a little different. You certainly get that with the V7 and you also get a very competent bike, well-suited for a 60-mile daily commute or even some touring.

I think you'll find, being over 6', that you feel a tad circus bear-ish on the V7. Big people can and do ride the V7, but in my opinion the geometry is more optimal for someone 5'6" to 5'10".
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