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Originally Posted by Dave in Wi View Post
I've rented a bunch of different cars for work travel. I currently own a 2005 four cylinder Accord for reference.

I've rented a Malibu (meh), Altima (absolutely hated the seats, other than that ok), Impala(how do they still sell these) and a couple of Fusions. I really like the Fusion and prefer it even over my Accord. If I had to replace my car today there wouldn't even be a question. Well, the question would be v6 Vs. Hybrid.

I don't like the looks of the new ones, but I haven't seen one in person yet.
Yea...I just test drove the new 2013 the car a lot...HATED the seats....just like the GM "catcher's Mit" seats...felt like I was sitting in a bucket.
Then I test drove the 2013 Accord...GREAT seats...the rest of the car...not so much...real noisy CVT.
Will look at the new Fusion and new Mazda 6 when it comes out in Jan.
Gotta replace the wife's 03 Subaru Lagacy wagon...too bad they don't make that anymore..and the new Subarus have CVT's...not a fan..but the Nissan one pretty good..too bad about the saets tho...a deal breaker for sure.
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