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Originally Posted by Sierra Thumper View Post
I agree experience and training is key. You can take a big bike amazing places with enough skill, balance, finesse and knowing the machine well. But the majority of the time that doesn't seem to happen. Its kinda like taking your brand new 4 wheel drive out with some friends to do some "easy" off-roading...nothing serious honey, I promise. Yeah right next thing you know your stuck with a scratched, dented up truck, getting the bumper pulled off by a friend
You take a big bike off the pavement and its only a matter of time before its going to be in too deep, its just human nature
I say don't tempt fate, keep the "street bike in dirt drag" on the pavement or flat smooth dirt roads, and take the true dirt-oriented machine off into what we all know will end up being the gnarly stuff
Yeah, because the 250 miles of slab I've got to cover before getting to the fun dirt is an absolute blast on a TW

Leave the dirt bike in street drag in the garage if you're going to travel anywhere, it really isn't made for that.
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