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I've had a Gerbings jacket liner with Exo2 gloves for just over a year. I absolutely love the liner and find it makes a big difference - it's like having a big hug all the way to work It's also great at blocking wind chill even if it's switched off.

The gloves are an entirely different story. I've had them replaced twice under warranty even though they hadn't been used for about 6 months out of the 12 months ownership. The second time was only a couple of weeks ago so the 1 year warranty had expired by about 3 weeks. Credit to Exo2 the guy replaced them any way. However, they must have changed something as although the gloves are the same marked size on the label they are now slightly too big, but not so big that a smaller size would fit. Worse than that though the heat distribution is completely different. The palms now don't seem to get that warm and the entire base of the thumb and wrist seems to have no heating whatsoever which is annoying since that's the place my hands get coldest.

I'd definitely buy Gerbings again but wouldn't go near Exo2 again. I'm thinking of a proactive purchase of some different gloves at the upcoming NEC as I don't trust these to last. Not good when commuting all year around at 06:00.

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