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Originally Posted by itsforrest View Post
Is fuel injection a big improvement on the Scram?

I'm shopping for a used Scrambler and wondering just how much of an improvement injection is over the carbs on this bike.
Does f.i. offer any more power?

My last bike was injected so I understand generally the benefits of fuel injection but I'm curious if the 2009 and later Scramblers have any significant, noticeable improvements in ride-ability over the earlier, carb models.

I'm going to look at a carbureted 2008 on Monday for a pretty decent price. Is it worth holding out and maybe paying another few hundred for a later model?
It's been discussed in this thread a few times but Cliff's Notes version is it doesn't really matter. Both bikes fuel well with out any real issues with either. Really boils down to a personal preference. I ride both FI bikes and carb'd bikes and fueling is never on my mind, I just ride em.
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